“Lindsey is a personal trainer in the Denver, NC area and after a year of her emails and updates I decided to check her out.  I have worked with Lindsey most of this summer and she gave encouragement to get through the last 5, she gave support when I was crashing, and she laughed with me all the time.  Most important she made me feel better about myself as an individual and she really helped to boost my self-esteem.  She was more than a personal trainer and I am so grateful to her.  If anyone is looking for some one on one help with getting back in shape she is the girl to help you!  ~Jennifer, Denver NC

“I have been following her program and my energy is amazing. I have more stamina and mental acuity far into the evening hours, so I can be more productive in my day. I feel great and I can’t believe the difference I’m already seeing in muscle tone.”
~Colleen, Mooresville NC

“Lindsey has been a great fitness and health advisor that I can count on regularly for advice and suggestions. She is constantly offering new strategies, such as the 7 day cleanse, fitness classes, meal and snack suggestions and seminars such as How to Get Through the Holidays. The older I get the harder the weight seems to come off but with Shakeology and tweaking my diet I was finally able to break a plateau and have lost about seven pounds in two months. Whenever, I feel like I’ve accomplished something I get so excited to tell her as it’s always such positive feedback. Her energy and drive is infectious and I’m so glad to have her as a fitness and health coach in order to keep me on track with both diet and exercise. Thanks Lindsey!” ~Melissa, Charlotte NC

“Lindsey helps people achieve their professional and personal goals in life, through coaching about nutrition and exercise. She’s like a business and a personal coach except she uses wellness as her modality of helping people because let’s face it, we all know how to set goals, make them attainable and how to be accountable for them, but what we don’t know is how carrying around an extra 10-20 pounds is holding us back. Her approach is truly amazing and unique. ~ Shelly, Southport, NC

“Lindsey – Sooooo thankful for you!!!! Try before you buy??? Genius !!!! PiYo makes me feel amazing!!! These moves invigorate your muscles……Wakes them up and fills them up with fresh oxygen!! Addicted!!! Strong is the new skinny!!! ~Alyson, Denver NC

3 Day Refresh – Overall I feel a whole lot better after doing it.  I did have some caffeine headaches and was really tired the first 2 days, but the 3rd day I felt the best. And felt even better the day after I completed. Thanks so much – I learn something from every single challenge and take a something with me going forward.” ~ Laura, Leesburg VA

“I am turning 60 in July and was looking to shed those dreaded last 10-15 lbs. I have a busy schedule and was looking for a plan I could follow at home. Lindsey suggested Beachbody, T-25 (modified version), Shakeology and supplied me with the Shakeology 7 Day (easy to follow) Clean Eating Plan Challenge. Within 2-1/2 weeks I have lost 5 lbs and 3 inches, I am so excited and motivated with my personal plan.  Lindsey has set me up for weight loss success, thank you Lindsey!!”~ Nan, Mooresville NC

“The older I get, the more I have come to realize that I have to workout regularly. Working with Lindsey has allowed me to have a set workout at least twice a week on my calendar.  She is so passionate about working out and it becomes infectious when you are around her.”  ~Cindy, Denver NC

“I have been on Shakeology since May 2012 and I have never had so much energy!!! In fact most total thyroidectomy patients have little to no energy, so Shakeology literally saved my life and well-being. I have lost weight, gained muscle, and finally the “what to eat for lunch” no longer exists…it’s easy! ” ~Tara, Fairfax VA

“Lindsey introduced me to Shakeology about 2 years ago at a time when I was frustrated with my weight. As an avid exerciser, my weight had plateaued and I was frustrated. Lindsey explained the benefits of Shakeology to me and I was sold! After 3 weeks of replacing Shakeology for my lunch, I had lost 7 pounds, felt great and had more energy! I have continued to drink Shakeology everyday since; maintaining my weight along with exercising regularly – reaping the health benefits.” ~Melanie, Ashburn VA

“I think there are a lot of benefits that someone like myself can gain from this program.  I was very active with weight lifting in college and then after graduation just hit a wall.  It affected by mood, my physique and especially my blood sugars and overall health.  The past 30 days I can count the number of high blood sugars on 2 fingers!! I’m definitely glad I decided to go through with the program.” ~Jeremy, Fairfax, VA

“When I started Turbo Fire I was really out of shape, I could barely make it through the initial 30 minutes. But after a few weeks of just sticking with it, I found my endurance quickly changing and I could make it through the sessions. I continue to use Turbo Fire and I have now added hand weights. I am really happy with the results!! I have learned with this program, that it is better to focus on inches and endurance, than on the scale. If you put in the time and just stick it out, the results will come!” ~Tracy, Charlotte NC

“Due to lack of time to fit in P90X today, I decided to try Turbo Fire HIIT 20 with my wife. I am not too proud to say that I liked it and sweat my face off! ~Pat, Annandale VA

“Since working with Lindsey I have increased my strength and endurance, toned muscle, and improved my overall health.  She helps me remain committed to a healthier lifestyle.” ~Pam, Denver NC


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