Fit Envy NC was conceived in 2009, by COO Lindsey Fisher.

Lindsey has built her business based on faith, ambition and effective communication. Materializing on the foundation that a healthy mind, body and spirit formulates success in all areas of life, Lindsey has developed business to help individuals and companies via interpersonal relationships and social media platforms.

More importantly, she is a morally devoted mom, wife, daughter and friend who is passionate about her faith and living a healthy, balanced life. She lives just north of Charlotte, NC with her husband, Jay, and two inspiring kids, Jordan and Kendall. She enjoys the outdoors, teaching and sharing her wellness knowledge, time on the beach, date nights with her husband, laughing, quiet Sunday mornings, long talks with friends, social media, quality time with her kids, cooking and developing new recipes, spiritual devotion and growth, good wine, pushing herself and taking on new challenges and yoga.

Lindsey’s background is in social work and psychology; as well as holding her Personal Training and Food & Nutrition Consultant certifications through the American Council on Exercise. She enjoys reading and is currently studying to attain her certification as a Sports Nutrition Specialist (to be completed in early 2017).

While the focus of Fit Envy NC is fitness and nutrition based, finding that life-balance involves so much more. Getting to know her clients on a deeper level, connecting and providing support spiritually, emotionally, socially and intellectually are pivotal qualities of her success.

Lindsey says the biggest change that has impacted her life is making time for prayer and beginning each day with gratitude and a positive mindset.

“Life’s most important investment is in you and your health.”
~ Lindsey Fisher

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