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“Life’s MOST important investment is in YOU and your HEALTH.”

Are You Centered?

Centered Nutrition & Meal Plans

A healthy body starts with a centered diet supporting heart health and our vital organ systems. We connect with our clients to set goals, provide customized meal plans and nutritional support to maximize overall wellness, fitness and weight loss results.

Centered Fitness

If our bodies are weak at the center, it is impossible to live an active life of vitality, agility and flexibility. We develop individualized safe and versatile exercise programs; including functional movement, cardiovascular endurance, strength conditioning, flexibility & balance training.

Centered Workplace Solutions

It is essential to have a strong and supportive center in the workplace. Without it, your team and business will not prosper. Workplace wellness programs are set up to establish a healthy and positive environment, so your company can experience lower healthcare costs, increase productivity and higher profits. 

Whole Food Centered Seminars

Learn the essentials of a centered, well-balanced, whole foods way of living. Consultations and group seminars are offered to dispute the health & fitness myths that confuse us all; steering clear of diets and teaching a way of living.  Classes focus on a comprehensive, centered approach to wellness through exercise, whole food nutrition and meal planning.

Centered Connections

Success comes from a strong centered faith, belief and support system. We reinforce your health and fitness journey anytime, anywhere with our unparalleled support, motivation and encouragement. Group, individual and virtual support options are available.

Centered Cooking Classes

Start at the center of your healthy kitchen. An interactive 1-2 hour class in a relaxed environment, demonstrating simple ways to enjoy healthy, nutrient dense cooking. Time spent answering questions about whole foods to maximize your state of wellness. Topics vary depending on requests.

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